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Welcome to The RAP (Yeshiva Beis Menachem)!

HISTORY:  Established in 1998 by the legendary chosid and Shaliach of the Rebbe, Rabbi Gershon M Avtzon, the Yeshiva has been a haven for beis medrash students looking for a program that provided them with the warmth and depth of chasidus in a positive learning atmosphere that the average Yeshiva couldn’t offer.  Combining his vast Torah knowledge, cherished demeanor, years of experience, and resolute sense of purpose, Rabbi Avtzon and his Yeshiva have wonderfully affected the lives of hundreds of Jewish youth over the years.

  Nestled in the heart of the quaint Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Yeshiva is centrally located to the Shuk, Bus station, and barely a 25 minute walk from the Kotel.  In addition, the vibrant Anglo community makes getting by in English a viable option.

PROGRAMS:  The RAP’s programs are geared for the type of bochur that may or may not have had much success in the conventional yeshiva environment and needs a place that will cater specifically to him.  As such, the RAP offers a full program of Niglah and Chasidus with an emphasis on our very successful Smicha program.  Students will be able to strive and achieve in both the Rabbinic degree as well as a thorough Judaic studies degree*.  In addition, extra curricular courses cover a wide range of academia and life lessons in fields ranging from music to volunteer work.   The Rabbi’s positive approach and loving care and attention given to each of his students has made the program a huge success over the years and one of Chabad’s best kept secrets.

OUR MISSION:  Our goal is to provide you with a warm, positive, chasidishe environment in which to grow in your Yiddishkeit and torah development.  The reasons for Rabbi Avtzon’s success are many, but primarily based on the directive to work according to the needs of the individual students.  Rabbi Avtzon’s Program is geared to young men who didn’t work in the regular Yeshiva system for whatever reason but still desire to be involved in the fine structure of Nigleh, Smicha, and Chasidus, albeit with the warm family feeling that has always been signature style of the RAP.  Today, the stress is more for youth who are connected to chasidus either by family, upbringing, schooling, or just have an innate feeling to chasidishkeit and need the warm chasidishe environment. 

YOUR HOME:  So now… The Neshama with the Guf, the body with the soul, connected at last.  The Uniqueness of RAP is what it has to offer: The individual attention and one on one time dedicated to each student, the time to RAP (rapport) with the students, the warm, uplifting chasideshe farbrengens, along with the structure and credentials of a mainstream program.  Discover your real self, un-tap your true potential.

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